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2023- At the begining of 2023 Afriat has completed her Master degree and has been selected to take part in Ein-Hod Düsseldorf Artist Residency. A freelance dancer with choreographers: Maayan Libman-Sharon, Danielle Sufra, Reut Gez-Wang and more.

2022 - MA student at Haifa University, A dance educator and Performer with different choreographers. ROOM which co-created with Noa Orlicky and Soof Nikritin premiered at Ein-Hod main gallery. The piece created with the support of the Independent Creators Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the National Lottery Association’s Culture Council. 

2020 - 2021 MA student at Haifa University, A dance educator in multiple establishments in Israel.

A dancer with different choreographers.

2019 - A co-founder of Contour convention.

A dancer in the works of Anat Shamgar and Maayan Libman-Sharon and a dance educator in School of Science and Arts, Nahariya.

She performed with her latest work 'Temporary Space' at the Machol Shalem International Dance Festival on Marathon of Original Production Premieres and The Jerusalem Biennale.

2018- A co-founder of Tozert- a community of artists in Carmel coast. A collaborator in different projects combining photography, live music and dance.

A dancer in the works of Anat Shamgar and Maayan Libman-Sharon.

Presented the works 'Another Space in Time' at Sheikh Abreik Festival, Kiryat Tiv'on and an improvisation project in "Karov Meod Festival, Haifa

2017- A dance educator and a dancer in the works of Tzuf Alalouf Goren, Rotem Greenberg and more.

2016- A choreographer in "Room Dances Festival". 

2015 – Participator at "Art Accelerator" Machol Shalem Dance House Jerusalem, YAEL -The Forum for Independent Dance Artists in Jerusalem supported by The Jerusalem City Municipality. A dancer in the works of Gadi Avidan, Sari Tuvel and more.

2012 - 2015- B. Dance from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, in the movement department in the Choreography Program, teaching certification, with the Dean's Honor.

2010 – 2012- A freelance dancer at Inbal Dance Company, and Batsheva Dance Company Excellence Project.

Since 2008 – Contemporary dance study, professional dance training at MASPA – Matte Asher School for Performing Arts in Kibbutz Ga'aton - A professional dance training program directed by Einav Levi.

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