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נטלי אפריאט.jpeg

Natalie Afriat is an Israeli dancer, choreographer and dance educator born in 1988 and currently lives in Ein Hod​​​​

"As an artist I want to create a unique, conscious and present experience between me and the audience.

As I grow older I'm exteramly motivated by the desire to contain human complexity, and I aspire to connect people to their bodies and to move in a non-functional way.

In my works I strive to examine my body and the changes it undergoes every day. How my development as a woman influences the movements I create. I find that exploring different concepts like 'tuning' or 'integration' and trying to learn their physical form and how each body responds to them differently is what motivates me to create.

As a choreographer, I have full faith in the language of movement alone, without any ​stage addition​, and its ability to provide an autonomous experience, Nevertheless I want to examine the connection between dance to different arts. Therefore, I am constantly collaborating with artists from various fields, especially musicians and visual artists.

To simplify, I create dances in order to dance. Although I'm lucky enough to still perform other choreographer's creations, there's nothing like the intimate space in the studio, where I'm meeting my body through shapes and structure.
Dance for me is a celebration of the body and at the same time a constant reminder of its one-time nature.

Always evolving and changing, never the same".

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