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Temporary Space (2019)

The work 'Temporary Space' deals with the question: for what purpose? What for?
Through the spatial, musical and movement dimensions we try to look at the traditional communication roles of a man and a woman, the banality of placing a man and a woman, not a couple, together in the same space.
The cliché and drama enableing a new and equal meeting.
A meeting that creates a space where we both try to see and be seen, to listen and to be heard and to observe the choices we make and how they allow us to reach the essence of our meeting.
Each one of us through the artistic tools at our disposal  try to engage in dialogue around the complexity of the encounter, which is unequivocal and allows the subtext to become more and more present.​

Created by Boaz Bentor and Natalie Afriat

Artistic guidance: Maayan Liebman-Sharon

Duration: 25 min.

Temporary Space is an original production of MASH Dance House, Premiered in Jerusalem on December 19th 2019.

Press here to request full length video

Photos by Natasha Shaknes

לוגו מחול שלם דפוס (1).png
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