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Time;Alone (2015) זמן;לבד

Time;alone Is a duet for a musician and a mover, double bass and a body.

In this dance we examine the direct, obvious connection between us and the unaware, hidden connection. 

How the presence of other creating body influences my own presence.

The physical theme in this creation is the attempt to examine the concept of habit and randomness in performative movement.

How a closed movement become to a habit in the body and how the randomness of improvisation brings freedom to the body- the initial idea at the beginning. As the work deepened we realize how wrong we are in understanding this. We learned that the improvised movement is the limited one, because the body goes to the most recognized places, the most active muscles.


This piece was created as part of the choreography program in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance under the artistic director Anat Shamgar.

The piece premiered in “Widescreen: Dance talking about dance" in the international dance day. April 29th of 2015.

The piece 'time;alone' has two variations: a duet and a solo under the same name.

Created and performed by Natalie Afriat 

Duration: 10 min.


Photos: Annabelle Dvir

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