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ROOM (2022)

'Room' is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Natalie Afriat (choreographer and dancer), Noa Orlicky (painter and video artist) and Soof Nikritin (musician). The starting point of the work 'Room' is the work 'Two-Room Apartment' by Liat Dror and Nir Ben-Gal (1987), and the version of Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laur (2012). Room is offering them a contemporary interpretation.

Similarly and differently from the previous pairs of creators and performers, the piece 'Room' examines what precedes any marital relationship, and that is the 'alone'. The themes that the duos dealt with: gender, the roles of men and women, the housing crisis and the feeling of 'together' alongside 'alone', are also at the core of this work, where the 'apartment' is expressed in the spatial mapping. Thus, the performance space is divided into two: a physical half, where the dancing body is located, and a half where the body is projected, as an expression of the technological-digital dimension that occupies a significant part of our everyday life.

The preoccupation with previous dance traditions and the Israeli dance history are the starting point of the work, the connection to existing and deepening it in order to create a broad intertextual work. During the process, we began by combining the mediums into an interactive creation in which the audience influences and is not only influenced by the audio-visual elements.

The 'Room' is the ultimate combination between the worlds of matter- which is the body and the spirit, which represented throughout the audio and visual aspect of the show.

Choreographed and Performed by Natalie Afriat

Video Art by Noa Orlicky
Original Music by Soof Nikritin

ROOM was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council For Culture & Arts, the Independent Creators’ Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Ein-Hod Executive Committee and Hof-Hacarmel Regional Council.

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